I'm Darrien.

An industrial designer currently based in New York. I approach my creative process through analytical research & user insight.

I believe good design is the product of keen observation, conversation & collaboration.

00 Work In Progress
A work in progress. This project is for a wayfinding carryable to navigate to destinations easily and in a small form-factor.
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A work in progress. This project is for a wayfinding carryable to navigate to destinations easily and in a small form-factor.
01 Mizu
On average, a person on Earth drinks about 2L of water a day with Americans using about 575L of water per day. Bringing this water to Mars would be unfeasible considering the huge amount of weight. This was a short project for what a traveler on Mars would bring.
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Bringing water from Earth is unlikely leading to alternative methods in creating water. One ways is making water from hydrazine but hydrazine is incredibly toxic and the reaction of turning it into nitrogen is extremely exothermic. A second way could be making water from the CO2 in the atmosphere through combining it with hydrogen to get methane and water but, once again, that’s extra resouces you need to bring from Earth.

This leads to the conclusion of using the water found on Mars itself. You can extract the water from the soil but it’s in low concentrations. However, if we look at the ice caps, where Mar’s northern ice cap has been estimated to contain about 1.6 million cubic km of ice, this is where we can make the hypothesis that the first few Martian settlements will be around these ice caps.

One caveat is that the frozen water is highly salinated making it undrinkable. We need to use a process of desalination to extract pure, desalinated water. I propose using sunlight and the concept of heating ice/snow inside an enclosed container to capture the steam to produce clean, drinkable water.

This project focused on the concept of a portable, solar desalinator for adventurers and explorers on Martian land.
My graduate thesis looks at long-term health wellness monitoring in the home; discovering the emerging intersection between personal health monitoring, information technology, and biology and how consumer product design can faciliate this interaction.
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Increasingly, people want to gain control over their own health. This does not mean abandoning specialists; rather it implies a better collaboration in monitoring, diagnosis and treatment. More people including specialists focus health through the lens of ongoing maintenance of wellness and treatment for illness and are now just understanding its fusion. Leveraging bioreporters and synthetic biology, this thesis proposes its integrated use with a central online hub designed to facilitate the patient and doctor relationship in chronic disease management and as a patient warning system for preventable diseases.

I developed a system where the medical application is split into two seperate devices tied to a single hub, namely, a breath and skin emanation sensor. Incorporating a non-invasive means of measurement is off up-most importance. If this system is to be used by the patient in their own homes on their own volition then it needs to be non-intrusive. Molecules called volatile organic compounds (VOC) are a diverse carbon-based group of chemicals emitted from our bodies in exhaled breath, skin emanations, urine and saliva and is often a reflection of our metabolic condition. Measuring the volatome, the total amount of exhaled VOCs, has been proven to be a successful diagnostic tool for specific chronic diseases, underlying pathogenesis, and a monitoring tool for disease progression and therapy efficacy. These device will be just one part of a larger program designed to future forecast what healthcare monitoring of chronic diseases and health trend could have the potential to be.

The technology and the health boom are showing new ways for users to data mine their inner workings but clinical diagnosis is being outpaced by the fitness and general wellness trend. By taking a step back and looking at specific ailments can give rise to better and inventive solutions. Through tying a stronger connection between patient and physician as well as letting patients engage with their personal health in a more tangible manner, Viva is a window into what personal healthcare and wellness maintenance will unfold into in the coming future.
07 Other Projects
A collection of graphic design and modeling. Examples include photo-realistic renders and app mockups.